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Sim Guide

Colony Invasion Simulation - The Basics.

The Federation’s newest Colony World was a paradise. Most days were sunny with just enough of an ocean breeze to keep it from getting to hot. The beaches and friendly company made it a very nice place. Just like any other day the people were working hard to get the Colony established, when suddenly warning claxons were heard going of all across the Colony.

“RED ALERT!! Grab your weapons people, the colony is under attack.” The commanders could be heard shouting through the freshly installed intercom system.
“Form up in teams of five and protect the shield generators. If they fall our new home is toast, so get ready earn those big bucks I keep hearing about!”

And just with that the joyful atmosphere vanished, making space for a cold determination. All the people had known that something like that could happen they were ready and willing to defend their homes.

Engineers grabbed their gear to do some emergency repairs on the shield generators if it was required, Medics rushed around getting everything prepared for wounded and tactical officers grabbed the biggest guns they could find to lay down the hurt on anybody dumb enough to get into their sight.

If you can envision this little scene, you are at least halfway there to understand what the Simulation is all about. Your mission, should you accept it, is to prevent the destruction of the colony by keeping four Shield Generators intact through 30 waves of random enemies. Every 5 waves you get the option to quite the Simulation before the enemies change and get harder.

If you stand your ground for all 30 waves you get rewarded with 2100 of each type of Colony Provisions and some fleet marks. So, it’s a great way to earn Fleet Credits and help your Fleet build up their Colony holding.

This is what you can earn

  • 245 Fleet Marks
  • 2,100 Fleet Credits 6,930 3x is 20,790
How to get Fleet Credits
  • To get Fleet Credits you just donate in your own fleet in the Colony Projects/Updates or in the Coffer (if the Coffer is not full).
You can also trade your Colony Provisions for EC to other fleet's, but for this you need to be Fleet less and use the Simulation channel if there is no hoster busy forming a Simulation.