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Sim Guide

Colony Invasion Simulation - The Shield Generators.

General Positions

When you beam down to the colony, two of the Shield Generators (henceforth referred as SG’s) are to your left. The other two are to your right. Another position of note, is the rooftop, where ever 10 waves a group of enemy spawns with a device able to destroy a SG in short order.


SG1 is closest to the beam in point, almost under the rock arch to the left of the main buildings.

Not a great deal of interest here sadly, though it is quite fenced in by the rocks to either side. Note that the boundary of the colony map is on the right of this pic, meaning moving to high ground here is rather restricted.


SG2 is further along the path from SG1, effectively on a beach area.

Of note here are the two very nice cliff ledges that can be accessed by players. Most NPC’s for some reason cannot get up to these unless they get blown up there by an explosion so they are nice and safe most of the time. They also offer good vantage points to snipe at all enemies attacking the SG.

Be aware that the mortar spawn to the far right can be tricky to access to kill as you need to flank the entire hill to get up there (Caitians/Ferasans might manage to jump up?). So to kill this it’s handy to have at least one player with a mortar of some kind, or move away early to be ready to kill it when it appears.


SG3 is to the right of the main colony building, on the open beach.

There is very little of note here as it is just one big open space. There’s nowhere to get higher up, apart from on top of the yellow pod/tent things beside the buildings but then you are too far away.


SG4 is at the far right of the map, along from SG3, it is near to the crystal mining area.

SG4 is an interesting place to fight as it’s so fenced in by the cliffs/rocks around it. There are at least 3 good sniper nests you can access that keep you within range of the whole area but cannot be accessed by the enemy.

The mortar spawns are pretty standard but the one to the left of the pic above can be tricky to reach – there is a large “pit” in front of it with vegetation hiding it, getting out can be tricky from certain angles.