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Sim Guide

Colony Invasion Simulation - Team and Team Leaders

Unlike other ques, Players aren’t automatically put into teams. Instead it is the job of the team leader to invite a group of five people into a team. The team leader has to make sure that his team knows what to do and to assign jobs to the various members.

While you don’t actually have form teams to do the Simulation, doing so has a few advantages.

  • Quite a few Kit Modules have Team wide effects, which would be lost if you aren’t in a team
  • Team chat offers the possibility of coordinating your defence without interfering with the other teams
  • Keeping track of the general position and health of the other defenders near your SG is much easier in a team
  • Team leaders can get a better feel for their group and change the composition of the team to make it easier on everybody.


While the position of team leader might be desirable for many, you also have to shoulder quite a few responsibilities. As a team leader you are responsible for your team members and have to make sure that everybody understands what their jobs are. You also have to keep an eye on the nearby SG and eventually send somebody to help out another SG in trouble.

The Simulation is clearly a team sport and has to be played with that in mind. There is no sense in keeping your SG at 100% health if the one right beside you gets destroyed because you weren’t willing to help out.