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Sim Guide

Colony Invasion Simulation - Tactics

Team Composition

While not an absolute requirement, the following team Composition has been proven to be VERY effective.

  • 1x Engineer
  • 1x Science
  • 3x Damage Dealers


However, if you intend to last more than 5-10 enemy waves, the engineer is not negotiable.

Module Loadouts


  • Medical Generator (Exchange, Loot or R&D)
  • Photonic Barrier (Iconian Reputation)
  • Mortar

While those three are recommended, only the Medical Generator is an absolute must. The Photonic Barrier comes close thought. It, like the Mortar, makes life just a LOT easier.


  • Medical Tricorder

Despite being a Heal intended for living beings, the Medical Tricorder works just as well on the Shield Generator. Having that along for those ‘Oh Shit’ situation where the SG gets down to far, is worth their weight in gold.

Damage Dealers

Damage Dealer is actually not a Class. They can be Tactical Officers, Science Officers or even Engineers if you know how. As such there is no explicit recommendation for those, just a general one.

  • Any kind of team wide buffs are greatly appreciated.




The role of the Engineer is the most important, hands down. Your job is to keep the SG alive by setting down the Medical Generator in a way that the SG is inside it’s healing field. The Generator is unavoidable going to get damaged and you are responsible for providing a constant stream of healing!


As the Science Officer of the team, you have to be the most flexible. Your primary role is that of a living ‘Oh Shit’ button. If one of your teammates or the Generator’s health is dipping to low, it’s your job to throw a heal their way. Besides that, you are also going to keep an eye on the neighbouring SG. If the other team is struggling, you are going to have to go to their SG and throw a heal at it. This can make a huge difference for the Simulation.

Damage Dealers

You are their to do what you do best. Play like the Hulk and “SMASH”. Unlike the more defensive roles of the Sci and Eng, you are there to thin out the enemy hordes and to make sure there aren’t enough of them to do too much damage to the SG.

Individual Team Tactics


Place your Medical Generator and other defensive Kit Modules (Shield Generator, Photonic Barrier and so on) as far away from the SG as possible while keeping it still inside the healing field. These construct of yours are going to pull aggro, so it’s a really bad idea to place them right beside the SG. Any kind of attack that causes AOE or splash damage will also cause harm to the SG, so keep your stuff away from the mission objective.

Also placing a Cover Shield directly in front of the SG is a waste of time. Enemies spawn all around the SG and protecting it from only one direction is not going to help much. Instead use the Cover Shield in front of your construct to shield it from one direction. Place yourself behind your constructs to give the enemy something to shoot at from the other direction to keep your constructs even more save.

If your stuff gets too damaged or simply fades out, replace it as quickly as possible.


You are the teams support and backup. Any teammate in trouble is your responsibility to help out, be it by healing, dealing damage or flinging around Buffs and Debuffs. As such you are the least stationary Character on the battlefield. Move around and see where you can help out the most.

Damage Dealers

Like the Engineer you aren’t overly mobile. Each of the Damage Dealers picks a 120-degree killing field and sets him-/herself up accordingly. Once your primary direction is clear, look around for more enemies to kill. If your health gets too low, retreat into the healing field while still firing in your chosen direction.

Map Wide Tactics


There is no hard and fast rule that will allow you to finish a Simulation successfully, there are however a few things to keep in mind.

  • Not all enemies are equally challenging, and they don’t always get tougher in later rounds.
  • Of the enemies encountered; Voth are the worst with tonnes of AOE mortar attacks from mechs closely followed by the Tholians if your unlucky and get them in later rounds. Whilst the Salt Vampires or Fek’lhri have nearly zero ranged attacks.
  • Mortars will spawn every few rounds, they are off to one side often and behind a set of shields - they should be a priority target for one team member or they will flatten the SG rapidly.
  • Tholians REALLY love it when you hit them with Radiation Damage like the Solar Gateway. Radiation HEALS them! So, avoid using attacks like that on them if you can not avoid using such attacks in general.
  • There may be Borg, bring something able to deal with their Adaption.
  • AOE attacks are KING. There are a ton of enemies in each round so single target builds while still effective will be less optimal.
  • Spawned constructs like turrets and generators (and possibly mines?) will grab enemy aggro, don’t put them right on top of the SG.
  • Use the aggro draw of your turrets and generators to your advantage by placing them behind the enemy spawning points. This will give you a clear shot at their backs as they turn around to fire at you constructs.
  • Some of the enemy mortars may spawn at hard to reach places. You’ll need a friendly mortar to kill them or somebody willing to go the long way around to get them. (This happens most of the time at SG2)
  • Very occasionally an enemy will run off, get lost or simple become trapped somewhere, you may need to hunt them down. Be prepared for this eventuality.

Voting Breaks

Every 5 waves you get to vote if you want to continue. If everybody votes, the Simulation continues as soon as the last vote is cast. Sometime however, it is beneficial to deliberately keep one or two votes back to give your Cooldown Timers more time to go down. If you have hard hitting actions with big CD’s, keep them back to take advantage of this.

SG2 and SG4

Your teams are the farthest from the colony proper, as such you are primarily defending your own SG while keeping an eye on SG1 and SG3 respectively. If the SG nearest to you is in trouble, detail a roamer to go and help out. Most of the time this will be the Sci on your team.

SG1 and SG3

In addition to keeping an eye on your neighbouring SGs like SG1 and SG3 are doing, you are also responsible for covering the roof of the colony every 10 rounds (see picture below). Decide before starting who is responsible for this task, it normally only needs 1 good player. It is advised that the chosen player goes to the roof at the end of wave 9, 19 and 29 (after the first group of the wave).