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Sim Guide

Colony Invasion Simulation - tactics examples used for specific enemies

Voth and Tholians

For Voth and Tholians it is best to spread out the team to a distance of 15 to 20 meters of the SG and flank them. Scientists on your team need to hold there AOE Attacks for the big Dinos, Mechs and Tholian captains. Engineers need to spam create all their constructs.

Engineers need to take off threatening posture when they are trying to heal, so they don’t draw in aggro. Everyone else should be using threatening posture to draw aggro away from the SG.


Fek’lhri Chieftans do have one massive AOE Attack coordinate a quick takedown.

Salt Vampires

For salt vampires they can mind control you (confuse), so you shoot at your team members and the SG. Watch out, especially in rounds 20 to 30. They can over run your team especially at SG4.


Nakuhl uses Distortions on the ground making the main target immune to damage. Prioritise these distortions, to avoid shooting immune targets senselessly.


Tzenkethi like to come up close and personal so maintain some distance, AOE attacks work best to take them out in large groups at a time.


Use a TR 116B Rifle (Exchange or R&D) or the Zefram Cochrane Shotgun (Phoenix Price) to bypass adaptation of the tactical drones. If you don’t have or can’t afford either of those be sure to bring a Frequency Remodulator (Replicator). For those of you who like to get close and personal, swords and similar physical damage weapons work just as well.


Elachi have strong shields use TR 116B or any other high shield penetration weapons to bypass as much of their shields as possible. Unlike Borg, Elachi shields don’t adapt so an alternative option are weapons with a high enough DPS.

General Tipps and Tricks

  • Auto targeting: Make sure you turn on the option to tab to pets and constructs (Options->Controls). Otherwise you cannot auto target things like the Na’kuhl distortions. It’s on by default but many veterans turn it off and as such may have issues.
  • Toggle Aim: This is usually X by default and it 30% free dmg increase. It is a simple button toggle 99% of players never use and really helps.
  • Tribbles: There’s a variety of tribbles that offer long term buffs for combat. Use them!
Movement: Use Powerboards (Summer Event Store) and Frosted Boots (Winter Event Store) to get around the Map faster.