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Let others know of your event

Maikel / May 13, 2018
Hello everyone,

Thanks to cryptic and that they nurft the provisions, Colony Simulations are not so active anymore.
When you want to form a Simulation, it will take around a hour to even get players on the map. This is why I came with a idea. People that have sing in here can make a event on the Calendar and let others know that they want to form a Simulation. This way people can see when players want to form a Simulation and that you can see on what time it will be for them.

How will it work?
It is very simple. You sing in on this website (otherwise you can not use the calendar) and first you create a event on this website:

When you are done making the event on the website, you copy the url link and place this on the Calendar. This way people can see on what time the event will start in there own timezone. On the Calendar people can also place if they do a weekly Simulation or just one day.

I know there are enough Fleet's that need to grow and I hope that this will help better and faster to create a Simulation.


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