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We allow Colony provisions Trading

Maikel / Mar 01, 2018
Hello everyone,

From this day on you me Trade Colony provisions with other players on the Simulation channel. But when a hoster is busy forming a Simulation, then players have to wait until the hoster have his map full.

How it works?
It is not easy. You have to leave your fleet (if you are in one) and join the fleet that want to buy your provisions and donate the provisions and you get EC from the buyer. Keep in mind, this is on your own risk.

We also want to give you advice where you can trade provisions on the system. Because there are Commodities Officers that give 320 per unit, but there are also vendors that give you 400 EC per unit.

The best place to shell your Colony Provisions for EC
On the Colony Word it self by the bar. (you do need to have a bar and a Bartender or Chef)
On Deep Space Nine and you talk to Armorer Zentan or Outfitter Adjka. (These two officers are on the right side of you when you beam in DS9)
On Earth Spacedock the Requisition Ship Equipment officer.


Sim Staff


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