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Simulation events/videos

Maikel / Nov 17, 2017
Good day everyone,

Simulation events:
The Simulations channel is more then a month old (10-14-17) and the channel is already arrount 1400 players. But that is not the only thing we see. We also see that players is getting better and better. But we also see that there are players that are new to the game or to the Simulation and don't know how it works and the benefits you can get from as fleet, but also as member.

Now we from the Simulation staff come with a idea. We know that there are fleet's/players out there that like to help others to understand the Simulation better and what the best gear/team setup/position is in a Simulation.
Now we have on the website a event tab, where players can setup a Simulation event in the name of there fleet. So you can make a "Simulation training event" or to announce a other kind of Sim event. With this option will new players or players that not understand the Simulation yet, get the chance to learn it and know the benefits from it.
If you make a event, look first in the rules/suggestions.

Share videos:
There are players that want to help others by making video about the Simulation. Every player that like to do this, can place the video on Discord (#videos-simulation) or on the website.


Simulation staff


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