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Maikel / May 13, 2018

Hello everyone,Thanks to cryptic and that they nurft the provisions, Colony Simulations are not so active anymore.When you want to form a Simulation, it will take around a hour to even get players on the map. This is why I came with a idea. People...

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Report a issue
To report a issue that happend in the channel or Simulation, you have to sign in on the website.
If you have sign in and folowed the guide, then you know where the message system is.
In this message system you can send a message only to a admin and a oparator. You just click ''Ranks'' and below that you choose the ranks you want to send a mail to and then explain the issue. Make sure your rapport is accurate with a chat log and screenshot if you have them, also if you can get multiple people reporting the same issue the better the change it get dealth wit.